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Pallet trolleys

Flowers, Potted plants, Vegetables
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Pallet trolleys
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In horticulture, transport is often done via pallets, because these relatively light platforms are easy to move and a lot of trade can be stacked onto a small surface. When a pallet is fully loaded, moving it becomes a challenge due to its increased weight. To still facilitate the transport of full pallets, there are special tools, namely pallet trucks, which make transport over short distances an easy task.

There are two types of trucks, namely pump trucks and electric pallet trucks. Where a pump truck mainly makes use of muscle power, the electric pallet trucks are designed to give workers the lowest possible physical load. Depending on what is important to you as employer, a choice can be made between a pump truck or an electric pallet lifter. With the help of the pump truck or electric pallet lifter, the internal transport of pallets becomes a simple and light task.

Our used pallet lifters are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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Ask a question about this product