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Rolling tracks

Flowers, Potted plants, Vegetables
Transporting equipment
Product type
Rolling tracks
Unknown / No brand
Roll width
49 cm
60 cm
13,8 m1
2 x 540 cm
1 x 300 cm
Center to center
10 cm
Top plateau (100 cm)

Rolling tracks consist of separate segments of platforms, on which rollers are mounted. These rollers are designed to facilitate easy rotation and thus facilitate manual internal transport. When a tray or box is placed on a rolling track, it can easily be transported to the next step in the production process by simply pushing it. The rolling track is especially useful when multiple trays or crates are processed at a time. By making a "train" of crates, the transportation from A to B is easy to realize by pushing the crates a bit each time.

Our rolling tracks cars are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product