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Bouquet bunchingline

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Belt width80 cm
Length inlaypart700 cm
Length sleeving part260 cm
Length machine1285 cm
Binding places2
Running directionRight to left
IncludingOlimex binders (2 pieces)
Deleafing unit
Saw unit
Collecting belt (200 cm)
OptionalChanging positions of binders and saw/deleafing unit

A Olimex Floraflex flower bunching machine accelerates and streamlines the processing of flowers into uniform bundles or bouquets. Our flower bunching lines are made up of various components that are required for the processing of your flowers, such as a saw or cutting unit, deleafing units, binding machines and a collecting belt.

Our used flower bunching machines are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.

Ask a question about this product