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Horticultural machines and materials for potted plants

In this category you find our full range of new and used horticultural machines and horticultural materials suitable for potted plants. We have all known brands in the potted plants sector, such as Javo, Heto, Martin Stolze, Fisherman, Logitec, Urbinati, Willburg, Ellegaard, TTA, Wevab, Demtec and Degramec

For example new and used potting machines, tray fillers, soil box tipping machines, big bale distributing machines, paperpot machines, potted plant conveyor belts, seeding machines, growing benches, danish trolleys etc.

Danish trolleys and accesoires

Auction trolleys

Danish trolleys

Danish trolley displacement cars

Danish trolley de-stackers


Labelling machines

Labelling machines

Sticker machines

Soil systems

Soil mixers

Soilbox tipping machines

Big bale soil distributing units

Soil storage wagons

Growing bench systems

Mobile container systems

Rolling benches

Fixed growing benches

Monorail trolleys

Electric monorail trolleys

Potting machines

Potting machines Javo Standard

Potting machines Javo Combi

Potting machines Javo Super

Potting machines Javo Optima

Potting machines Javo Direct

Potting machines Demtec

Potting machines Martin Stolze

Potting machines Mayer

Potting machine Visser

Potting machines Willburg

Potting machines Urbinati


Paperpot machines

Paperpot machines Heto

Planting machines and robot systems

Pot pick up and placing robots

Transplanting machines

Conveyor belts

Conveyor betls new

Conveyor belts Javo

Conveyor belts Wevab

Conveyor belts Martin Stolze

Conveyor belts Heto

Conveyor belts Da Ros

Conveyor belts WPS

Collecting belts


Tray automation

Tray cleaners

Tray de-stackers


Spacing forklifts and forks

Stretched spacing forks

Fixed potforks

Seeding machines

Tray seeding machines