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Paperpot machine

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Capacity4.000 per hour
Suitable for40 mm plugs
OptionAdjustment to other plug sizes

The paperpot machine has been developed to produce paperpots. Paperpots are made by machine with substrate and paper. Paperpots are used for the cultivation of for instance Geranium, Roses and Poinsettia’s. A machine like this cannot be missed in the automation of cutting and breeding companies.

With the paperpot machine it is possible to produce so-called paperpots using soiland paper. The disconnected soil is supplied through the chute provided with a driven movement. The movement will allow for a regular delivery to the venturi. The paper is unrolled by means of a roll and a conductor-roll and then by means of a folder folded around a pipe. Against the top of the overlap is glued with a flat iron. In this way an endless sausage is created with an adjustable size. At the same time the soil is driven by means of pressurised air through a venturi. These so-called sausages are transported by means of transmissions and on the desired length are cut by one fast, rotating, self-sharpening knife.

Our used paperpot machines are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.

Ask a question about this product