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TypeRR 3
VersionTray in tray
Amount of grippers3 Grippers

A transplanter or planting robot is an expansion to your potting machine. This optimizes your automation to virtually unmanned planting.

A transplanter (planting robot) is a technically advanced machine with the capability to work with virtually any commonly used plug trays from different suppliers in a labor saving way.
The transplanter is equipped with high tech grippers mounted in a row. The number of grippers is important in order to realize certain capacities. With 4 retractable needles inside the gripper, the plants are removed from the tray and planted in the pot. This delicate technique maintains the quality of the plug material, there is no more damage than with traditional hand potting.
The large and centrally placed service panel makes the machine easy to use. Switching from one to another plug tray is as simple as choosing a different program. Programming for new plug trays can be done in a few minutes by the customer himself.

Our used transplanters / planting robots are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.