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Soilbox tipping machine

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Width130 cm

The Javo soilbox tipping machine is an unit to tip boxes to supply soil to for example a potting machine.

The boxtipper is built from a mainframe with inside an universal turn-overunit. The box with product will be setted into the tipping-unit with the help of a hand-forklift or a forktruck. By means of electro-hydraulically pump and cylinder the unit with box can be tipped with the help of a handle-control. With this control the box can be tipped on each tippoint.This tipping unit is supplied of adjustable funnelplates for an optimal dosage in for example a pottingmachine. When the box is empty the box will be tipped back with a pedal to the starting position, to set a new box into the tipping unit.

Our used soilbox tipping machines are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.