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Electric piperailtrolleys

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Scissor systemDouble hydraulic
Lifting wheelsHydraulic
Track size42,5 cm (optionally adjustable)
Height300 cm
Length190 cm

Electric piperailtrolleys are invaluable to the horticultural industry. This is true in terms of use by the actual growers, but suppliers for processing services and installers also use electric piperailtrolleys quite frequently. Heating pipes in greenhouses are assigned an extra function, namely, to serve as rails for the piperailtrolleys. All piperailtrolleys can thus be moved easily and in a stable manner, which is how the transport mechanism got the name ‘piperailtrolley’. The electric piperailtrolleys, powered by batteries, can be charged easily with a high-frequency battery charger and can, in addition to electric operation on a piperail system, also operate on concrete floors. Flanged rollers are used especially for this purpose.

Our used electric piperailtrolleys are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.