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Recent projects

Here is an overview of our finished projects. DS Hortitrade can deliver and install all new or used horticultural machines worldwide on location. Are you interested in one of our horticultural machines of brands like Bercomex, Olimex, Potveer, BTM Logistics, Cyklop, Berg Hortimotive, De Vette, Jamafa, Aweta, Javo, Heto, Martin Stolze, Visser, Logitec , Urbinati, Willburg, Ellegaard, TTA, Wevab, Demtec, Degramec, Greefa, Bogaerts, Berkvens, Buitendijk & Slaman, Koat, Taks, Verhagen Leiden and Weterings?

Please contact us today by sendig us an e-mail: sales@hortitrade.com

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