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Vine tomato processing system Taks

Des légumes
Systèmes de récolte
Type de produit
Système de récolte pour tomates grappes
Taks Handling Systems
PLC controlled
Track size
42,5 cm (optionally adjustable)
Pull system
Push unit
Unloading crane
Discharge conveyor belt
Rolling tracks to weighing positions
Weighing positions (3 pieces)
Conveyor belts to pallitizer
Pallitizer (Sorma)
Optional including
Piperail harvest trolleys (25 pieces)

Vine tomato harvesting systems are designed to carefully transport, de-stack and weigh freshly harvested vine tomatoes, without any further direct human contact. Because there is no further direct contact with the tomatoes when they are transported, the risk of damage to your end product is considerably reduced. After the vine tomatoes harvest carts are positioned in the harvesting system, the boxes containing tomatoes are automatically de-stacked and transported to the weighing stations. By improving the efficiency of your process this way, it is possible to reduce your required labour capacity.

Our used vine tomato harvesting / unloading systems are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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Poser une question sur ce produit