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Electric pipe rail trolleys mechanic Buitendijk & Slaman

Des légumes
Matériel de transport
Type de produit
Chariots électrique sur tube-rail
Buitendijk & Slaman
Scissor system
Lifting wheels
Track size
42,5 cm (optionally adjustable)
150 cm
150 cm

Electric piperailtrolleys are designed to be placed on the piperailsystem in your greenhouse. These handy trolleys are incredibly important in horticulture. They are used, not only by growers, but also by general workers and installers. The heating tubes in the greenhouse are given a second function; Besides heating up the greenhouse, they also are used as a means to support the piperailtrolley, as the trolley is placed on these tubes. The tubes give the trolley the stable support it needs, making it easy to safely realise transportations in the isles of your greenhouse. The battery of the piperailtrolley can be charged fast and easily by using a battery charger. Besides driving on a piperailsystem, these trolleys can also drive sidewards on a concrete greenhouse floor.

Our used electric piperailtrolleys are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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