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Electric airhweel trolleys single B&S

Des légumes
Matériel de transport
Type de produit
Chariots électrique avec roues gonflables
Buitendijk & Slaman
Scissor system
Single hydraulic
180 cm

Electric airwheel trolleys are an ideal means of transportation in greenhouses where there is no piperail system available. Because airwheels are made of rubber, they are somewhat flexible and therefore usable on both flat as well as not entirely flat surfaces. These handy wagons make it a lot easier to do work in the higher parts of the greenhouse. First, set the plateau to the preferred working height and then start the trolley. After this you can drive up and down through the area, and work in the higher part of the greenhouse without any problems or restrictions.

Our used electric airwheel trolleys are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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Poser une question sur ce produit