Horticultural machines and materials for vegetables

In this category you find our full range of new and used horticultural machines and horticultural materials suitable for vegetables. We have all well known brands in the vegetable, such Aweta, Greefa, Berg Hortimotive, Bogaerts, Berkvens, Buitendijk & Slaman, Koat, tax, Verhagen and Weterings.

For example new and used grading machines, piperailtrolleys, piperail leaf vacuum cleaners, harvest trolleys, harvest systems, growing gutters, piperailsupports, etc.

Piperail leaf vacuum cleaners

Push model


Piperail harvest trolleys

Aluminium harvest trolleys

Steel harvest trolleys

Vine tomatoes harvest trolleys

Piperail sitting trolleys

Tomatoes harvest containers

Piperail spray trolleys

Automatic piperail spray trolleys / spray robots

Electric piperail spray trolleys

Electric airwheel spray trolleys

Airwheel / Piperail spraybeams


Clamp model

Click model

Welded model


Electric piperailtrolleys

4-Double hydraulic

3-Double hydraulic

Double hydraulic

Single hydraulic




Crop removing machines

Crop removing machines

Crop shredder machines


Stem cutters

Labelling machines

Harvesting / Unloading systems

Pepper systems

Cucumber box lifters

Accumulate conveyor belts

Harvest tubes

Grading machines

Tomato grading machines

Pepper grading machines

Cucumber grading machines

Growing equipment

Growing gutter systems

Growing gutters

Growing gutter supports

Stem supports

End caps

Rope winding machines

Tomato hook winding machines

Rope machines

Packaging machines

Cucumber sealing machines

Wash / Dry machines

Tomato dry machines

Pepper washers

Weighing equipment