Horticultural machines and materials for flowers

In this category you find our full range of new and used horticultural machines and horticultural materials suitable for flowers of all familiar brands in the flower industry, like Bercomex, Olimex, Potveer, BTM Logistics, Cyklop, Berg Hortimotive, de Vette, Jamafa and Aweta.

For example new and used flower bunching machines, debulbing machines, bucket filling machines, flower netting and supports, sorting machines, conveyor belts, packaging machines, etc.

Aluminium watertrolleys

Chrysanthemums/lilies watertrolleys

Roses watertrolleys

Flower processing machines

Flower bunchinglines Bercomex

Flower bunchinglines BTM

Flower bunchinglines Olimex

Flower bunchinglines Potveer

Chrysanthemum bunching machines

Flower buffer system

Chrysanthemum cutting machines

Deleafing machines

T-Bag dispensers

Flower binding machines

Standard binding machines

Flower binding elastic

Flower netting and supports

Flower netting

Flower supports

Bunching tables

Bunching/packing tables

Turning tables

Bucket filling machines

Standard stacking model

Fully automatic

Debulbing machines

Debulbing machines Bercomex

Debulbing machines Potveer

Harvest trolleys

Roses harvest trolleys

Monorail trolleys

Rose processing machines

Rose grading machines

Length grading machines

Rose sealing machines

Rose hand sealing machines

Growing systems

Growing gutters

Growing gutter supports

Gerbera cultivation systems

Packaging machines