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New & used horticultural machines several

In this category you find our full range of several new and used horticultural machines and horticultural materials. We have new and used horticultural installations and machines of all brands Empas, Brinkman, Verhagen, Weterings, Hawe, Nibbi, Frans Veugen, Prins Maasdijk, Berg Hortimotive and Nivola.

For example new and used generators, compressors, cleaning machines, electric hosedrums, LVM installations, fog installations, spray car, recirculation fans, electric trolleys, etc.



Screw compressors

Compressor dryers


Automatic doors

Sliding doors


Diesel generators

Crop protection

Powder blowers

Sulphur Evaporators

Internal transport

Electric trolleys


Pallet trucks/lifters


Forklift tilting containers

Greenhouse roof transport equipment

Greenhouse building materials

Greenhouse substructure




Cold stores/cooling chambers

LVM / Fog installations

LVM Installations double fan

LVM Installations single fan

LVM Installations hand model

Fog installations Pulsfog

Fog installations Dynafog

Cleaning machines

Walk behind sweepers/sweeping machines

Ride on sweepers/sweeping machines

Forklift sweepers/sweeping machines

Groundcloth sweepers/sweeping machines

High pressure cleaners

Floor scrub machines

Vacuum cleaner

Crate washers

Leaf vacuum cleaner

Pot washing machines

Rolling tracks / Conveyor belts

Flat conveyor belts

Elevator belts

Turning conveyor belts

Fixed conveyor belts

Planting lines

Rolling tracks


Electric hosedrums new

Electric hose/rope drums

Electric hosedrums

Electric hosedrums on batteries

Spring hosedrums

Spraying cars / beams

Spraying cars new

Spraying cars with electric hosedrum

Spraying cars with hand hosedrum

Spraying cars with spring hosedrum

Spraying cars without hosedrum

Spraying beams/masts



Recirculation fans new

Recirculation fans Priva

Recirculation fans Brinkman

Recirculation fans Holland Heater

Recirculation fans Multifan

Several fans

Speed controllers

Recirculation fans EMI

Packaging machines

Flow packing machines

Strapping machines

Box closing machines

Wrapping machines

Soil cultivating machines

Cultivator machines