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Power circuit board Berg Hortimotive BR04

Transporting equipment
Product type
Electric piperail trolleys
Berg Hortimotive
Suitable for
a.o. Piperailtrolley Berg BR03, BR04, SW03 en SW04

A circuit board is an insulating material board that serves as a carrier for electronic components, on which copper wires, also known as tracks, are laid to connect these components. The purpose of the printed circuit board is therefore that it can be used to mount and switch components very accurately. The way in which the circuit board is programmed determines its function. Almost every advanced electronic device has one or more circuit boards to function.

Some machines and devices are sensitive to circuit board malfunctions. Because repairing a printed circuit board requires extreme technical knowledge, it is advisable in some cases to keep a number of printed circuit boards of these machines in stock. Should the circuit board of your machine fail, you can replace it immediately so that you can continue with your production.

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