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DS Hortitrade

The company

DS Hortitrade, located in the heart of the Dutch greenhouse industry, is an international and dynamic trading company in new and used horticultural machines and materials. The worldwide delivery and installation of top quality new and fully refurbished horticultural machines and materials are its priority. On the up-to-date website, customers can select from an extensive range of competitively priced products. Alternatively, they can visit its 2,000 m2 showroom where all its products are attractively displayed.

Westland family business

DS Hortitrade is a pure family business with an entrepreneurial spirit that blows through the company like a fresh breeze. Based on its short reporting lines, DS Hortitrade can supply horticultural machines and materials efficiently and fast anywhere in the world. This reliability is reflected in DS Hortitrade’s company culture characterised by the shared DS Hortitrade motto: ‘an agreement is an agreement’.

Unique product range

DS Hortitrade’s unique and versatile product range provides customers with a broad range of options. Its customised advice ensures that the customer makes the right purchase reflecting the intended objectives, user requirements and budget. This makes for direct customer contact with short lines and a focus on service as a key. Besides various new materials, DS Hortitrade also offers a wide range of used materials. Given the quality and lifespan of today’s horticultural materials, refurbished second-hand materials are often an excellent choice! All machines, materials and installations can either be supplied individually or installed on site.


DS Hortitrade works closely with Debets Schalke, a greenhouse construction company that builds turnkey projects throughout the world. Through this partnership, DS Hortitrade can provide growers with a comprehensive service. Its integral approach produces greenhouse-specific solutions for any grower anywhere in the world with an eye on the return on investment.

Buy-up policy

Knowledge and experience are the key factors in buying up horticultural inventories. Due to its extensive experience and eye for excellent quality, DS Hortitrade’s buy-up policy reflects the customer’s requirements. The fact that customers agree with this assessment is evident from the requests we receive from all over the world.