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Rope machines

Processing machines
Product type
Rope machines
Unknown / No brand
1.500 ropes per hour
Rope length
Adjustable with digital display
Pole and footrest

Certain types of crop, such as peppers and cucumbers, need support (rope) to grow in the optimal direction. To easily cut the rope to size and tie it to the crop wire, rope machines are ideal. When starting your cultivation, you can place a piperail trolley in the greenhouse path and mount the rope machine on your piperail trolley. After this, depending on the capacity of your machine, you can cut up to hundreds of ropes per hour to the desired length and have them pot out at a working height that you prefer. The length per rope and the speed of vending out are customizable. With the help of the rope vending machine, you can hang your entire greenhouse full of rope in no time, which will significantly speed up the preparation of your cultivation.

Our used rope machines are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product