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Gerbera cultivation system Worm-Lathum

Growing systems
Product type
Gerbera cultivation systems
15 pots per 300 cm
Ground supports
Optional including
Steel drain gutter

The cultivation of gerberas or pot roses is facilitated by the use of gerbera cultivation systems. The growth and development of the crop is easier to control with the help of this cultivation system. As a result, yields are often higher and the quality of the harvested product is better than with open field cultivation. Gerbera cultivation systems consist of metal structures, designed to optimise gerbera cultivation. The system is equipped with steel pot plates with round holes in which the gerbera pots can be placed. A gutter runs under these holders, allowing water excesses to be drained away. Most gerbera cultivation systems have a drip hose system to make the supply of water and nutrients as easy as possible. Gerbera cultivation systems are indispensable for both qualitative and quantitative cultivation.

Our used gerbera cultivation system are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product