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Pipe rail stem cutter Tanaka

Crop rotation
Product type
Piperail stem cutters
Track size
42,5 cm

Some types of crops are grown straight from the ground. For example, tomatoes and peppers. These crops grow on relatively thick stems. When rotating the crop, these stems have to be cut so that the entire plant can be removed. This can be done manually with a regular saw, but since many tomato and pepper growers already use a pipe rail system, a pipe rail stem cutter is a more suitable tool. Place the pipe rail trunk saw on the pipe rail system and activate the saw. Then slowly walk to the back of the path. As you walk, the stems will be sawn through. After walking back and forth once, you have already cut down both sides of a path. In this way a normal labor- and time-intensive job is done within no time.

Our used piperail stem cutters are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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