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Flower binding machine Cyklop

Packaging machines & materials, Processing machines
Product type
Flower binding machines
Year of manufacture
Stand-Alone / build in bunching machine

Flower binding machines are suitable for binding all kinds of flowers. Whether it concerns tulips, roses or other flowers, the flower binding machine is universally applicable for all your binding work. Using the binder, the elastic can be bound from loosely to very tight. The flower binding machine can be supplied as a separate unit or can be built into an existing flower processing line or chrysanthemum harvester. The flower binding machine is activated by dragging the product to be bundled, over the table top. During this movement you automatically activate the switch. The bunch of flowers rests against the pre-tensioned binding material and the machine lays the cord itself around the bundle. Under the table top, a knot is placed at the end of the elastic band, after which it is cut off. After this, the binding machine is immediately ready for the next bunch. The binding is done quickly and is always done at the same adjustable tension. The average strapping time is less than one second.

Our used flower binding machines are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product