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Hebo halter sleeving device

Packaging machines & materials
Product type
Sleeving machines and materials

Before transporting your flowers or plants, you should firstly place them in sleeves to ensure that your product is protected against any outside influences. To ensure that your products are not damaged and are easily placed in the plastic sleeves, you can use hebo sleeving devices. Hebo sleeving devices are metal stands with plastic sleeves placed in them. These sleeves are made to easily insert plants and flowers into them. Depending on your product type, you can choose a larger or smaller model hebo sleeving device. To bring the sleeving device to the ideal working height, it is possible to adjust the height. As soon as the sleeving supply is finished, you can fold the halter backwards and then place new sleeves. This makes a hebo sleeving device an easy to use tool for packing and protecting your products while transporting.

Our used hebo sleeving devices are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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Ask a question about this product