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Strapping machine COM

Flowers, Potted plants, Vegetables
Packaging machines & materials
Product type
Strapping machines
Semi automatic
10-20 cyclis per minute

Pallets allow for efficient transportation of a large number of products in one go. Before starting the transport, however, it is important that the products are firmly packed. If the stack is too loose or unstable, the risk of fall and impact damage increases. The strapping machine is an indispensable tool in protecting your goods during transport. This machine easily and consistently binds a sturdy strap around your loaded pallets. By stabilising and reinforcing the contents of your pallet in this way, you ensure that the goods remain in place in a stable manner. That makes the strapping machine a tool that should not be missed when preparing your transports.

Our used strapping machines are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product