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Rose sealing machine Jamafa

Packaging machines & materials
Product type
Rose sealing machines
Supply belt 600 x 100 cm
Collecting belt 700 x 100 cm

It is important that roses are properly sealed before they are transported. This prevents the goods from being damaged during transportation. Bushes of roses are inserted into the sealer. The roses then fall on a layer of plastic. This layer of plastic is folded around the bunch of roses. After this the sealing process is completed and the roses are released on the next conveyor belt in your process. Holding the roses together with a thin layer of plastic prevents them from slipping alongside each other or the surface. By preventing this, the risk of damage is considerably reduced and you can offer your customers a high-quality product. Depending on the type of rose sealing machine you can have up to hundreds of bunches of roses per hour automatically sealed.

Our used rose sealing machines are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

Ask a question about this product

Ask a question about this product