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Chrysanthemum cutting machines Arend-Sosef

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Chrysanthemum cutting machines

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This advanced chrysanthemum cutting machine, intended for cutting chrysanthemums under the wire-netting, has a few characteristics which are important for every grower. The simple and safe way of harvesting means 50% more output and low investment costs. The selfdriving, compact chrysanthemum cutting robot is handy and easy to turn in the crop. Due to the space under the machine, where one can put its foot under, one does not have to turn his back, which means that the physical burdening is within the legal restriction. The chrysanthemum cutting machine is equipped with an automatic cut out which makes it possible to let the cutting robot drive through the crops by itself. An automatic stop device makes the cutter wait when it is full and proceed when the stems have been removed. Our used chrysanthemum cutting machines are fully technically checked and will be supplied under warranty.

Ask a question about this product