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Soil box tipping machine Javo

Flowers, Potted plants
Processing machines
Product type
Soilbox tipping machines
130 cm

The soilbox tipping machine is a tool that tilts crates in order to supply potting soil to, for example, a potting machine. Once the crates are filled with substrate, they often become too heavy to be tipped over by hand. This machine takes the heavy physical aspect of tipping boxes out of your hands by making it happen by machine. The soilbox tipper consists of a main frame containing a universal tipping unit. The crate containing the product is placed in the tipping unit by means of a pallet truck or a forklift truck. By using a tipper with hydraulic pump and cylinder, the unit with the box can be tilted using a switch. The controller allows the box to be positioned at any point of tilt. The soilbox tilting unit is also equipped with adjustable hopper plates for optimal dosing in, for example, a potting machine. When the crate is empty, it can be tilted back to the starting position with a foot pedal to subsequently place a new crate in the tilting unit.

Our used soilbox tipping machines are fully technically inspected and delivered under warranty.

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Ask a question about this product